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My Annual Process for Personal Growth

As I finish my 2022 Year in Review, I want to share my process I developed over the years to stay focused. This is my …

Goal Setting

One of the key parts of my annual personal growth process that has helped me be intentional and accomplish more is goal setting. My goal setting …


“As I share with you my journaling process and how it came to be, one of the key takeaways is there is not a right or …

Year End Review

This my year end review process that is part of my entire annual process for personal growth. I have spent 8 years tweaking this process …

Important Information about SECURE Act 2.0

Important Information about SECURE Act 2.0

The “SECURE Act 2.0” (known as Securing a Strong Retirement Act) recently passed Congress signed by President Biden on Friday December 29th 2022 as part …

Why do we have squeeze balls in our conference room?

Why do we have squeeze balls in our conference room?

Why do you guys have squeeze balls in your conference room? To throw at each other of course! At Beratung Advisors, we run weekly “Level …

Our Base eMoney Assumptions

A lot of advisors want to know what base assumptions our teams uses in eMoney Advisor Advanced Planning. I have taught this many time in …

10 Lessons I Learned From My Dad

My father was called home to be with God 10 years ago on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, 2011. Today would have been his 73rd birthday. There …

Taxes And Retirement Contributions

What Can My Taxes Tell Me About My Retirement Contributions? When the calendar turns over to a new year, there is a lot going on …

Define Your Core Values

There are a few exercises I believe everyone should do in life to discover their calling and create a compass to guide their life. They …

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