Financial Planning

Financial Planning Process

We are passionate about empowering clients to make informed financial decisions that fit their unique life goals, educating them about the strengths and potential challenges of their financial plans using a collaborative six-step process.

6 Areas of Financial Planning

We help clients create personalized comprehensive financial plans to help them pursue their financial goals. We can walk you through a step-by-step financial planning process that can help make you feel confident in your financial decisions. We focus in the following financial planning areas:

How We Can Simplify Planning

You are busy and life is complicated. Financial planning should help you get to where you want to not hold you back. To help our clients simplify the process we use the eMoney Site, a client portal where you can view your financial world in one place.

Explore, get organized, and keep up-to-date with your financial plan.

The eMoney Site is your personal website providing a holistic view of your financial life in one secure location. It’s a collaborative venue where you can share financial information with an advisor, who will help you define your goals and develop strategies to pursue those goals.

Our Fees

Financial Planning




These fees are based on the complexity of each plan after we understand your needs we can quote your fee.

Investment Management





Advisory Fee / Account Value

Planning & Management

$250 per year>$500,000.01


$500 per year$5,000-$500,000

Planning Fee / Account Value

When using our investment management services we discount our planning fees

Family Discount

$500 per year

Households with at least $1 million in advisory accounts
we offer our financial planning to children below 30 at $500 year

Why Choose A CFP® Professional

At Beratung We Are Committed To Elevating The Profession Through Our Commitment To CFP® Professionals.

We are committed to hiring CFP® professionals and helping our team members become a CFP® professional by providing the coursework and first attempt at the exam at no cost to our team members.  Our team is currently comprised of over 4 CFP® professionals and more that have completed the education requirement for certification and are working towards earning the designation. We also have been committed to advocating on behalf of CFP® professionals and their clients by annually sending team members to visit members of the Pennsylvania legislature and U.S. Congress.

How We Work With Non-Profit Organizations

We Are Here To Empower Your Work!

One of our core values is charitable and we believe the non-profits in America are vitally important to our communities. We partner with non-profits to help them be good stewards of their resources. The challenge of a non-profit are unique and its important to work with planner that understands your needs.


We Educate And Empower Our Clients

Start making informed financial decisions today
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