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Create Your Mission Statement

There are a few exercises I believe everyone should do in life to discover their calling and create a compass to guide their life. They ...

The Rule of 3

The Rule of 3: A test in fortitude. In life, patterns often emerge that can help you make better decisions and assess how to use ...
Swatting the BATS

Swatting the BATS: Big Annoying Tasks

The Embarrassing Backstory A few years ago, I was sitting on the couch with my wife Amanda watching TV. Out of nowhere, a bat came ...
Swag Collage

Beratung Swag

Fans of Our Brand If you have ever flown to Pittsburgh from another airport, you will notice something at your gate. At least one person ...

The Beratung Book Canon

Our “Canon” is the list of books we believe everyone should read. Loosely following the model set by the Bible Canon, we have broken our ...
books standing next to Beratung lighthouse

Maximizing Your Reading Investment

Since my childhood, I’ve been drawn to self-help and motivational books. There’s a certain magic in the way they can reshape your thinking and open ...
A photo of Greg writing "repetition leads to retention" on a whiteboard in repeating lines

Repetition Leads To Retention

My wife, friends and former business partner will tell you I have a tendency to say the same things over and over and over again. ...
stack of books between Beratung lighthouses

Getting The Most Value Out Of A Book

I am a self-professed, self-help and motivational book junkie. Ever since I was a little boy, I have loved to read and listen to self-help ...
Discerning God's Will thumbnail

Discerning God’s Wills

I believe one of the hardest things as a believer can be discerning God’s will. I believe it’s not easy because it causes us to ...

Room Names

At Beratung, we are constantly looking for ways to deepen our culture. We firmly believe that a strong culture is more than just words on ...

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