Why do we have squeeze balls in our conference room?

Why do we have squeeze balls in our conference room?

Why do you guys have squeeze balls in your conference room?

To throw at each other of course!

At Beratung Advisors, we run weekly “Level 10” ((L10) meetings that are part of the Entruepnarial Operating System (EOS) we follow. We believe EOS helps us execute our vision.

They are called L10 meetings because we rate them on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best meeting you can attend.

Why should we be in a boring unproductive meeting, if it’s not rated as a 10 we gotta fix it!

To help us achieve Level 10 (and have fun) we use these squeeze balls to softly toss at each other as reminders to course correct when our meetings are not drifting away from a 10.

This is what it means when we throw the squeeze balls (lightly of course)

:heavy_check_mark: The Horse – “Don’t beat a dead horse.”

In EOS language we say no politicking. If you have said it once do not say it again.

:heavy_check_mark: The Cow – No Sacred Cows

In EOS language “That’s the way we have always done it” doesn’t cut it. Lets put everything on the table.

:heavy_check_mark: The Bull – B.S. Alert

In EOS language we want our meetings to be open and honest and what you r saying is not honest.

:heavy_check_mark: The Squirrel – Stop chasing squirrels

In EOS language we call this a tangent alert. This is when we get sidetracked from this issue at hand. We throw this one a lot!

:heavy_check_mark: The Elephant – Address the Elephant in the Room

In EOS language we should be open and honest and not addressing the real issue is not helping solve the problems. Throw this when something is being avoided or ignored.
Life is too short to be in a Level 1 meeting!

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