Our Base eMoney Assumptions

A lot of advisors want to know what base assumptions our teams uses in eMoney Advisor Advanced Planning. I have taught this many time in trainings but here is it is in list form to help empower you to do more plans to empower your clients to make informed financial decisions. 

Please understand these are “base” assumptions or defaults. We customize this based on clients financial situation, geopgrahic locaion, goals among other things.

An overview of our Assumptions

  • Taxes
    • Use 1040
  • Longevity
    • Age 90
  • Return
    • By assets
  • Inflation
    • 3.5%
    • Planned Obsolescence
    • Technology
  • Disability
    • 5 years out
  • Long Term Care
    • Age 70
    • 7 years
    • $48,000
  • Life Insurance
    • 5 years out
  • Selling House
    • 6% variable
    • $1,500 fixed
  • Social Security
    • Show all assumptions and let the plan dictate it.
    • Understand it
  • HealthCare
    • $1,500 a month for a private policy for two
    • $2,000 a month for a family of four
    • $500-$1,000 a month forever
    • Medicare Sup, Prescription, Copays
    • Medicare stop gap
  • Spend Year end Cash
  • Probate 1%
  • Onboard client site
  • Return based “by asset mix”
    • Our models
  • Client may view and make changes to data
  • Budget worksheet
    • This matches our worksheet on our website
  • All reports
    • If you start to pick and choose it leads to more issues
  • Vault client is able to upload files
  • Social Security at FRA
  • Retirement 65
  • Longevity 90
  • No fees

Decision Center

  • Every time
    • Premature death
    • Asset allocation
    • Irregular market
    • Increased Expenses
    • Increase inflation
  • Not Retired
    • Save more
    • Retire at different ages
    • Social security at ages
    • Debt payment strategies
  • Based on Clients Needs
    • Buy/sell house
    • Annuity
    • Disability
    • Long Term Care
    • Health Insurance
    • Human Life Value
    • Needs Analysis life Insurance
    • Education dedicate vs cash flow
    • Education 529
    • Roth vs trad
    • What if social security went away
    • Debt management strategies
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