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Passionate financial advisors who are,

  • Interested in taking their career to the next level with the support of a dedicated team.
  • Ready to outsource the challenges of running their own business, without sacrificing the freedom and flexibility they value.
  • W-2 Advisors, but want the freedom and flexibility of a 1099 independent advisor, but are not ready to make the transition without a team to offer support and guidance.

We offer an adaptable suite of services and support that can be personalized to fit each advisors’ personal needs while maintaining ownership of their book of business.

1. Our team embodies embody and believe in our 6 core values

2. We are looking for Advisors that are CFP® professionals and adhere to the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics, Professional Responsibility and Rules of Conduct.

We may make an exception for advisors who have not yet earned their CFP® certification marks, provided they have a plan to become a CFP® professional within three years of joining our team.

3. We believe advisors should not be directly responsible for more than 250 households.

We may make an exception for new advisors who join the team with more than 250 households, provided they have a plan to bring the number of households they serve down to less than 250 within three years.

4. We are looking for Advisors that maintain a strong compliance record and personal financial record.

1. Coaching
We believe coaching is one of the most direct and effective ways to grow as a professional. We can all grow as part of a team. With Beratung Advisors, you will get the accountability, personalized goal-setting, and business development coaching you need to take your business to the next level.

2. Marketing
A clear brand that tells a compelling story is an incredibly powerful tool for engaging your clients and expanding your business. Building a brand can be challenging, but when you join Beratung Advisors you gain access to our high-impact branding to as well as our proven experience in web, print, and social media. marketing.

3. Administrative Support
An excellent support team is key to scaling your business, but, unfortunately, hiring, training, and compensating quality employees can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why we provide our advisors with fully trained sales assistants who empower them to serve their clients.

4. Technical Support
Knowing how to leverage current technology makes your job easier and your work more efficient. We provide our advisors with a significant competitive advantage by offering the training and support they need to use software such as eMoney, Redtail CRM, Netx360, Albridge Performance Reporting, and Morningstar to their fullest potential.

5. Professional Office Space
A professional client meeting space designed with branding in mind and productive office environment is essential for advisors and their clients. We believe you can save money and simplify your business by using Beratung Advisors professional furnished offices with printer, phones, receptionist, high speed internet, and conference rooms.

6. Transition Support
Changing your broker/dealer is a vital moment in the life of your business. We will help you with daily support and a local contact to streamline the transition between systems and processes.


To start a conversation on how we can serve you, please contact us at or call Greg Furer at 724-822-9800.

We ask that all of our prospective team members take a Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. This assessment is free for you to take and will require less than 15 minutes of your time. The results will help us understand ways we can best serve you and your clients.

We Educate And Empower Our Clients

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